Our Story

We are a new church to Omaha that launched in September of 2021 with a focus on connection with God, relationship with others, and real impact in our world!  EVERYONE is welcome to join us every Sunday at Millard North and online!

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Mission Pillars

Real connection with God.

Jesus says that loving God with all we are, is the most important thing we do. We must always be in pursuit and follow Him as our top priority.

Our Focus

Real relationship with others.

Jesus says the most important things we can do in this life, is to love God and love others. We desire everyone to be in authentic relationships with fellow believers that challenge each other! This brings us to life!

Our People

Real impact in our world.

We want our relationship with God and others, to influence and impact our city, neighbors, workplaces, and nation!

Our Response

Our Values

Jesus First

All that we do overflows from our passionate pursuit to be with and glorify our God. Worship is our gift, prayer our connection & the Bible our guide.

People People

We just really flipping love you… all of you. Because God loves, we do.

Mission Driven

We are united as faith-filled risk takers, all called to boldly follow God as ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Authentic Relationships

We are courageously vulnerable, giving grace and encouraging growth in our uncommon family.

Generous Living

It is our joy to give our time, abilities, & resources to serve people and God’s mission! We meet the needs around us.

Joy Filled

Being together is like a double-shot of espresso for the soul. We serve and live with fun, laughter and celebration as our common expressions!

Pastors and their family

Meet the Pastors


Morgan and I grew up serving in the church, with the past ten years working in full-time ministry. We have been married for 11 years, and have 3 beautiful, fun kiddos, Elijah, 10,  Zion, 8, and Ariah, 6.

A typical night in our home sounds like laughter, looks like games or dancing, smells like good food, and often includes family and friends. We are passionate about doing life with people, creating room for laughter, meeting needs, and helping people see that following Jesus is the best decision a person could ever make!

Our hope is that Collective Church can be a place of hope for the city of Omaha, and a catalyst for change in our world.  We want to create a place that has you wanting to come back, desiring to grow in your relationship with Jesus, and living to impact our world.
We look forward to all that is to come and cannot wait to meet YOU.

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What you believe is a key part of who you are

Click here for more information about the freedom and beliefs we stand on at Collective.

What we believe

What People are Saying...

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Collective is everything I have been looking for in a church! Every single person was so nice and helpful it was such a wonderful experience. I'm a single mom so trying new things was hard but my daughter loved it!



Collective has been a blessing to our lives! My wife and I have grown spiritually and in our marriage. We love Collective because of the community, the worship, and the purity and truth that is preached on Sundays!



I love Collective Church because it helped me find my true identity in God . It’s completely transformed everything in my life including my self love, marriage/family, and friendships.