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Submissive to the Fellowship

General Council affiliate church of the Assemblies of God
Nebraska Assemblies of God Network

Accountable to the Board

Accountability board - Outside source of trusted leaders who are called upon in emergencies for major moral failures or potential firings. In absence of this board, Board of Directors fulfill these roles.
Board of Directors - Approving of major motions, changes, hires, and purchases. Made up for the first 2-3 years mostly of local, trusted pastors to be replaced by internal elders at the end of their commitment.

Led by the Pastor

God speaks the vision to the Pastor, who is usually the trigger-puller, but first submits major actions for approval from the Board of Directors.

Championed by the Point People

The Pastor empowers, directs, and unifies these key team leaders.

Carried out by the Servant Leaders

We all lead through serving and through developing personally as leaders who develop leaders who develop leaders.